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We are an artistic talents mobilization and development centre. We identify and nurture budding writers, musicians, actors/actresses, self-publishers, photographers, drawing artists, dancers and many other talents from the creative industry. Welcome on board and share in our journey.

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Hi, our esteemed reader. My name is Lamittan Minsah Felix. I am a Kenyan pursuing a writing career. I have always been passionate about the evocative use of words to stimulate positive changes, both at personal and communal levels. At a personal development level, I write for the welfare of my heart, spirit and mind. Some of my published works include “The Long-lasting Tree” (a historical fiction novel) and “The Wicked Gold Ring” (a mystery novel), all accessible on our site’s bookshop. In 2021, I saw the need to start a talent mobilization and development center, and the product of it is Laminsa Indies. I work with a small team of intelligent and gifted artists, and growth is our goal. We look forward to expanding our territories and doing quite amazing things on this site. Welcome aboard. Follow and enjoy our talent discoveries, and should you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate from reaching out to us – use the contact page. From East Africa to the world, karibu sana na ujiburudishe!

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Upcoming Poetry Anthologies: opportunities for poets.

Submissions are currently open for the following upcoming anthologies:

1. Tales of a Tearful World: Narrative Poems. Open to writers across the globe. Submission deadline: June 15, 2022. CLOSED

2. The Voice of Kenyan Poets. Exclusive to Kenyan writers. Submission deadline: June 10, 2022. CLOSED.

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5. Creation of personal digital stores
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