Be Ye Not the Sacrificial Lamb Anymore

Awake, little lady, be ye not the sacrificial lamb anymore,for thy own siblings have risen against theeand made ye a middle ground for their battle;awake, be ye not the sacrificial lamb anymore. Thine sister, Narcisista, hath been an iron fist in a velvet glove,seeking to stretch her fame and influence over all thine siblings,and thyContinue reading “Be Ye Not the Sacrificial Lamb Anymore”


Revisiting “The Grab”

It is International women’s day and my friend Shobana Gomes reminds me that this poem would be befitting for this day. Women are such a wonderful and complex creation. Through their wisdom, they hold families and homes together and form part of every dream and future. I’m grateful for all the wonderful women I’ve metContinue reading “Revisiting “The Grab””

Against War, Against Timonism

I’ve heard the sound of feet matching,swords clinking and hearts shaking;terrible war merchants rushing,selling fear and death to the peopleat the cost of their blood and wealth;I’ve heard the rumbling of gunshotsand the tremor of artilleries, drones,zeppelins, tanks and flamethrowers;I’ve heard it all close to my doorand I’m cut to pieces with fear for whenContinue reading “Against War, Against Timonism”

The Grab

What was it that drew you to me?Was it something on my face? –the cute little smiles I made?my fresh kissable lips?the ripples on my cheeks?the bewitching gap between my teeth?Was it my long ebony hairor my raised cheek bones?my ears?my nose?my eyebrows?What was it? Was it when you saw me promenading along the shore,myContinue reading “The Grab”


He covered his face with a hankyand cried with deep regretfor the person he was,and for the person people thought he was.He was different:his feelings were,his comportment was,his appearance was,his walk was,and his voice verily was;they carried this difference in them,so much that he wondered what he could do to change it. His people calledContinue reading “Sunshine”

The Herb She Tried

Jolena was winnowing sorghum on the free area behind her house when her son came looking for her. A woman had just arrived carrying a basket of unknown items. She stopped winnowing and went straight to the house to meet her visitor who, she was slightly amused to find, was a withered grown woman withContinue reading “The Herb She Tried”

Here’s Love

Love looks like a grown hospitable woman,welcoming everyone in her homewith a cup of sweet porridge Love says we ought to care for peoplewhether great or small, old or young,just as if they, are our own kins Love is gentle, patient, understanding and kind,welcoming the poor and the rich alikewithout prejudice and without trespass LoveContinue reading “Here’s Love”