Comeback plus Song Release

What a terrible absence from this wonderful community! I wish I had the ability to reconnect with everyone I’ve missed at once. Haha.

Fret not with me though. Been the busiest time of the year for me, one that has seen me procrastinating a few other important projects (moreso here) to focus on others. But finally here I am, ready to pick up from where I left.

Glad to be alive and able to interact with you again.

I won’t type much today, not as much as I do on other posts anyway. Instead, I’ll welcome you back to my blogsite with a song I released just yesterday. Surprise? Not at all. Poets, and writers in general, can try their hands at singing too.

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Now I’ma go to my followers sites one by one and have a whale of a time.

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Funny clips by Brennan Baby

Some people were born with creams of joy on their tongues and shells of laughter in their physical expressions. Such is one young Brennan Ekoyu (in video above), popularly known to his fans by his acting name Brennan Baby.

Brennan comes from Uganda, East Africa, and makes short funny videos on high school intrigues. Owing to his high creativity and hilarious ways of depicting the behaviours of high school girls and female teachers, Brennan enjoys a huge following on his Tiktok account and has won the attention of various advertisers and media houses in his country.

To learn more about his background and inspiration, kindly watch this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel and Tiktok account to support his vision. Keep it up, Brennan!

Brennan Ekoyu, alias Brennan Baby.