Writers’ Submission Guidelines

Submit a poem, short story or opinion

We are open to submissions from authors across the globe. Grab this opportunity to get your work edited and published with us. At Laminsa Indies, we take pride in having readers from different places across the world.

What categories are we looking for?

Our publishing is divided into two categories: blog posts and books. Each of them are discussed below.

[A] Blog posts

1. Short stories (not less than 100 words and not more than 450 words).

2. Poems (not more than 250 words).

3. Opinions and feature stories (not less than 100 words and not more than 450 words).

4. Spiritual writings across all religions (not less than 100 words and not more than 450 words).

5. Wisecracks/short funny stories (not less than 50 words and not more than 300 words).

6. Quotes (not more than 50 words).

Which topics are we looking for?

Surprise us.

Languages accepted: English and Swahili.

Your writings should be devoid of racist language or offensive romantic candour.

How to submit.

Submit your work as a word document, typed in Times New Roman font and double-spaced and with minimal errors, to laminsaindies@gmail.com, indicating in the subject line: Blog Submission (your full name/pseudonym in brackets).

Also include, as part of the email, a short bio (20-50 words), a brief synopsis of your work (anywhere less than 30 words) and a link to your website (if you have) or your LinkedIn account or Facebook account/page. We typically reply to mails within two weeks, letting you know whether your writing has been accepted for review or not.

Why you should submit to us under this category.

We give tokens of appreciation to writers for the most-outstanding works based on the editors’ choice and readers’ approval through likes and comments. (Payments vary between USD 1.00 – 10.00 per selected published piece) These payments are not mandatory but occur from time to time based on our selection.

By submitting to us, you also stand a chance of being selected as a regular contributor. By this, we will create an author central page for you where we will enlist all your works and add a donation button directed to your paypal account. This will also indubitably strengthen your online portfolio.

You, moreover, stand a chance of being published in our authors anthologies should such opportunities arise.

[B] E-books

For larger manuscripts, we accept the following genres for online publishing as detailed in our publishing contracts.

1. Short stories: Not more than ten titles and anywhere between 3,000 and 7,000 words per title.

2. Poetry collection: Not more than 100 poems per typescript, the length can vary.

3. Novels: All sub-genres. Unlimitted length.

4. Written Stage Plays: Unlimitted length.

5. Children books: All levels. Could have several titles, but should not be more than ten thousand words or two thousand words per title.

6. Non-fiction: include essays, cookbooks, subject books, etc. Must be of original knowlegde or othewise well-cited. Unlimitted length.

Which themes/subjects are we looking for?

Surprise us. The themes or subjects tackled should, however, be thoroughly exploited.

Languages accepted: English and Swahili.

Your writings must be dovoid of racist remarks or insinuations and all forms of offensive romantic candour.

Types of publishing in this category.

We carry out two types of publishing, depending on author’s aim and pace of writing. These two include single-package and step-by-step. They are discussed below to help you choose your preferred type.

i) Single-package publishing

This involves working on a complete manuscript from the author and turning it into electronic copies in one round.

The importance of this is that the reader gets the complete e-book at the time when they need it. Once published, the book is fully out without reservations or delays and can be seen and bought from our e-shops, or read in preferred e-libraries worldwide. This helps in keeping track of sales and organizing bookfares and adverts.

Sometimes, however, a new author might first want to establish an audience base and pay attention to readers’ reviews of their work and writing style. This is where step-by-step publishing becomes preferable.

ii) Step-by-step publishing

As the name suggests, this type of publishing involves working on the manuscript in stages. Unlike in single-package publishing where the whole content is premium, this type makes three quarter of the content free while the other quarter contributes to the premium copy. This enables the reader to develop interest in the book and go for it even when it’s finally completed and made available in online stores and libraries.

Working closely with an assigned editor, the author, therefore, avails the first three to five chapters or sections of their work for editing and publishing and continues updating as to be agreed, till the last group of chapters are left out of the free copy and included only in the premium one. This type of publishing requires the author to be patient and reliable.

How to submit for book publishing

Submit a sample word document file of your work, between twenty and forty pages, to laminsaindies@gmail.com for review, indicating in the subject line: Manuscript Submission. Use a leading of 2.0 points (double-spacing) and Times New Roman font for the document’s content.

Specify the type of publishing you would prefer for your work, either single-package (for completed works) or step-by-step (for a work still in progress).

Also include, as part of the document, your bio (30 – 50 words), a link to your website (if you have) or any social media account (preferably LinkedIn or Facebook), a synopsis or description of your work (anywhere less than 100 words) and an outline of it. We encourage descriptions for step-by-step publishing because, unlike synopses, they focus on building the reader’s interest (sort of like a selling point). The outline should contain the number of chapters or sections or items to be included in the book.

We repond to new submissions within two to four weeks, stating whether the work has been accepted for review or not. The review period runs between eight and twelve weeks, after which we again respond as to whether we will take up the task of publishing your work or not, and why. Until then, kindly bear with us. Note that even then, no changes of whatever kind will be done to your work until a publishing contract is signed between you and us.

Why you should consider publishing your book with us.

Finishing your typescript is the first step in getting published, having it edited well by an editor experienced in that genre is two, turning it into a book is three and reaching an audience is yet another. Imagine having someone handle these remaining tasks for you. Well, that is exactly what we intend to do. Publishing with us means achieving quality, reaching your readers on time and getting your rightful royalties.

We will also create for you an author central page where readers can easily get in touch with you and your works. This will, without doubt, help you grow your online presence and portfolio.


While you retain full ownership and copyright for your works, submitting to us means giving us the opportunity to exploit and modify your work as so best suits our mediums, interests and the interests of our readers. Strictly we do not accept plagiarized works. The writer will be fully liable for any legal actions arising from such. See our publishing process on this page. You can also join our creative society for more benefits.

For further querries, contact us.