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Are you an author and would want to get published, look no further. Laminsa Indies is a home for all literary works.

Submit to us today and get access to worldwide audience. We assess all submissions and determine whether they are fit for our publishing or not.

How we operate

We currently deal exclusively in ebooks and paperbacks but look forward to expanding our channels to audio and audio-visual books, in the near future. We are cognizant of the new trends in book publishing and take great interest in producing quality outputs.

Once you submit to us (a sample of your work), the following process will take effect after a few weeks.

1. Notice of manuscript reception

Within the first few weeks of your submission (usually up to four weeks), we will send you a message that we have received your manuscript and state whether we will assess it or not.

2. Manuscript assessment

If your manuscript is passed on to this stage, we assess its artistic quality and determine whether it is suitable for publishing by us. This takes between 8 to 12 weeks depending on the volume, content and density of your script.

Once we are through, we will send you a review report with the following information:

  • Conflict review
  • Plot review
  • Major characters’ review
  • Analysis and review of themes and styles
  • Grammar and language review
  • Suggestions for Improvement
  • Note of acceptance or rejection (for our publishing sake)

3. Signing the contract

It is until this stage comes into effect that any changes will be made to your manuscript. If your work is accepted and passed on to this stage, we will reach out to you with a legal work-agreement document to sign and enable us kickstart the publishing journey. We will also request for the full manuscript in case you submitted a sample or assign you to an editor for step-by-step publishing (see our submission guidelines for more about our two types of publishing).

For single-package publishing, however, the process will continue as follows.

4. Editing and proofreading

At this stage, the project is assigned to the right editors for its genre and thorough editing begins. At each stage of the editing process, the author is kept updated on major changes and contacted regularly by the editors about certain clarities. Afterwards, a proofreader goes through the work again to check on spelling and grammar errors and minor and major omissions. The author is then given the opportunity to read the final edited work before it is passed on to the production stage.

5. Advanced reading and reviews

After editing and proofreading, an advanced readers’ copy is then made available for a limitted audience to read and review the pre-book. This is important for knowing whether readers will be satisfied with the product and what adjustments ought to be done. If there are any generally agreed suggestions, they are made before the project is passed on to the production stage.

6. Prelims and end-matter information

Our editors lias with the author to come up with preliminary additions such as title, author, copyright and table of contents pages, and other options such as acknowledgement, dedication, author bios and affiliations, preface, foreword, etc. We also determine whether to add end-matter information such as glossary, appendixes, bibliography, indexes, etc.

7. Design (pages and cover)

Our designers take up the task of making the book pages and covers. In most cases, though, we may come up with the cover earlier for pre-production book campaign and sensitization purposes.

8. Price determination

9. Upload to our e-shops

10. Book launch.

11. Printing and circulation.

This takes place appapproximately 3-4 months after e-publishing. The soft copy book is turned into manual copies, rolled out on a print on demand basis.

11. Marketing and monitoring sales

12. Monthly royalty payments to authors (starts after e-publishing)

Because this entire process requires money and we do not charge submission and publishing fees, our authors earn a 50% royalty on their ebooks and 25% on paperbacks. But if the author decides to cater for some of the expenses, they should let us know during submission for an increment of royalties.

Royalty here refers the money paid to the author per every copy of their published work sold.

We do not accept manual submissions. All submissions must be emailed directly to For more information on our submission guidelines, click here.

Hire our services for your self-publishing needs

You may have chosen the path of self-publishing (away from the independent publishing we offer). Still, to produce an outstanding book, you may consider hiring our services, whichever you need. We’d be glad to connect you to our publishing experts at affordable rates.

Our rates are not fixed, but depend on various factors such as genre, volume and technicality of your work, intended audience, readability of your work and stipulated time frames.

Reach out to us for any of the services mentioned under “how we operate” section through our contact page.

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